Grab the milk and head to Target

First rule of the exclusive pumper: ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS bring extra milk with you!! If your baby doesn't nurse then you can't just expect him to hop on the boob and drink away. Believe me, I've tried this over and over and after 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding ill ask him, "Hey! You… Continue reading Grab the milk and head to Target

Pumpers gotta pump – anytime, anywhere.

If you are an exclusive pumper let me just say, you need a pumping bag! Yes, now you have a purse, a baby, a diaper bag and a pumping bag to carry, what is one more thing right? After all we are moms and we can do anything‚Ķ(but sleep). Here is a list of what… Continue reading Pumpers gotta pump – anytime, anywhere.