Nordstrom Rack Shoe sale!

My little man took an amazing nap today so I had a little down time and noticed Nordstrom Rack having some amazing sales on shoes right now. Summer shoes, lake shoes, sandals, tennis shoes, everything!! Here are some that I snagged to show you and will post more later on! 🙂 Tennis Shoes: These Brooks… Continue reading Nordstrom Rack Shoe sale!

Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack

I am loving being able to live in leggings and tanks these last few weeks. The weather has been nice and me and my little man have been enjoying all the outdoor activities! I also love that (so far) not having to buy maternity clothes again and just buy some flowy tanks and all the… Continue reading Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack

To all my nurses

Dear Senator Maureen Walsh, When you are ready you are welcome to come follow me or any other nurse in the hospital just to see how our day goes. I won’t let you touch anything, give anything or save anyone’s life. However, I will let you wear my watch where it counts my thousands and… Continue reading To all my nurses