Holidays or Havoc?

The holidays are here. All year we look forward to this season to spend with family. Or maybe you don’t look forward to it because of the stress it may bring. Let’s be honest when I blast Christmas music before Thanksgiving (or anytime of the year) I get a few looks.. I am an avid… Continue reading Holidays or Havoc?


We've all heard this. Most of us mamas have SCREAMED this. Don't kiss the babies! For those of you who haven't heard this, I'm going to explain this..very, very simply and then I am going to scream it again. It breaks my heart seeing so many babies come down with RSV and so many other… Continue reading #Dontkissthebabies

To all my nurses

Dear Senator Maureen Walsh, When you are ready you are welcome to come follow me or any other nurse in the hospital just to see how our day goes. I won’t let you touch anything, give anything or save anyone’s life. However, I will let you wear my watch where it counts my thousands and… Continue reading To all my nurses