To them, you are everything.

What you don’t see here is the messy house, the toys pulled all over the living room, all over the back yard. You don’t see the floor covered in the dinner that was just made. You don’t see the coffee still sitting on the counter, cold and still full. You don’t see the trash full of diapers that was just taken out the day before. You don’t see the tantrums, the toddler screams and the babies cry. You don’t see the couch that has your pillow on it because you had to sleep there yet again because your baby wouldn’t sleep. You don’t see the reflux medicine that has to be given. The colicky nights ahead. You don’t see the tired eyes, the exhausted body, the need for sleep. The overwhelming frustration that comes along with breastfeeding. The feelings of hoping you are doing enough and being the best mom you can be.

What you do see are smiles, fun, hugs, kisses, and love.

Being a mom is tough. It’s not easy. It’s hard. It’s sleepless nights. Night after night. It’s worrying night after night. It’s praying to Jesus 24/7 for sleep and worry free nights. Its messy houses, dirty laundry, wondering when in the world did you last change clothes or take a shower. It’s pressure that the world places on you to be the best.

BUT it’s also more than that. It’s hugs and kisses. It’s hearing that first “I love you mama.” It’s hearing that “amen” after saying bedtime prayers. It’s watching their eyes light up and yell mama when they hear a door open and see you as they run into your arms. It’s countless hours of belly laughs, tummy tickles and slobbery kisses. It’s coos and first smiles. It’s late night snuggles. It’s watching them change every single day and crying about it because you want them to stay your baby forever. It’s holding them so close, so tight, because you know they will never be this little again. It’s the tiny hand holding your finger. It’s the sweet brown eyes looking at you as they try to force them to stay open but they slowly close as they drift off to dreaming of you. It’s the love you share. The kind of love that no one understands other than a mom. They know your heart beat, they know your smell, they know you and they love you for you. They see your beauty from within and to them, you are the most beautiful. They love your touch and the calmness of your voice. They love their mama. There in no one like you.

Don’t let the pressure of the world tell you you aren’t enough. You are the best mama to your child. You are doing so good. They see your love. They don’t care about that third day messy bun your rockin. To them, you are everything. Make sure you tell your mom friends they are doing a good job because it’s so needed to hear. Being a mama is hard but it’s the greatest gift, the greatest joy, the closest thing to Christ’s love for us. It’s being selfless and giving yourself up daily, but finding a better “you” daily as well. It’s endless love. You are doing such a good job mama.