Oh momma you’re doing so good.

We hear those words a lot as a new mother, but do we believe them? Do we believe we are doing a good job? Most of the time we feel we are just trying to stay on top of things and not fall asleep. “Just make it to the next day ..”

Well I’m here to tell you again, you are doing SO good. No matter how you feel or what anyone says.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”EPHESIANS 2:10

God has a specific purpose for your life. He has a place, a reason, a testimony only you can fulfill. His plans for your neighbor are no greater and no less. You are important. You are chosen. You are loved. He created you with a unique purpose mama and your life makes an impact on others around you whether you see it or not.

Let me just say we all go through the crazy hormones after having a baby. From being happy to sad to crying and back to being okay all in one minute, leaving your husband with a confused look on his face wondering what just happened. It is okay to cry. Seek help if you really start to feel down, alone, or wanting to give up. Talk with your spouse and make sure he knows what to watch for and signs of post partum depression. You might not know it, you might not feel like it, you might feel you are hardly staying afloat, but you are doing so good. Being a mom is tough. The feeling of carrying and protecting your baby for 9 months is unlike any other. Anticipating the day you will meet that precious child and what it all will be like. The day comes and you bring life into this world and it’s the greatest joy and feeling of Christs love. Then the hormones are thrown out of wack again and you are also left in pain from delivery. You are trying to breastfeed, take care of yourself and any pain or problems you faced during delivery while managing this new life. It can be very overwhelming! Try to give yourself a break. Give yourself grace and trust that you know best for that sweet baby. Be mama even if no one taught you how to be. Be the mama that you want to be and that your sweet baby needs you to be.

I know it’s overwhelming at times. The cereal cemented to the floor from breakfast, the toys scattered throughout the house, the now cold coffee you left in the microwave again, the dirty diaper after dirty diaper, the loads of laundry from the blowout diapers, the meals you make wishing they were healthier, the social isolation because your to busy being mom (and well a pandemic).

God sees you making the effort. He hears the cries deep down. He sees the tears you are holding back. He hears the worry in your voice. He sees past the brokenness, the hopelessness, the overwhelming thoughts, the heaviness, the drowning feeling. He sees you mama. He hears you mama. He is with you mama.

“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” – Isaiah 66:13

In the midst of the roaring ocean of feelings and chores you are trying to conquer and accomplish he is already there.

I have found myself to keep a constant conversation going with God at times. This is something that personally allows me to grow close to him. Anything that pops in my mind I continue the conversion – just simply speaking with my father throughout the day about what’s on my heart. Sometimes that is “Lord please give me the strength today for…” or it might sound like “Lord please allow both boys to sleep so I can shut my eyes for five minutes.” I find myself waking in the middle of the night just to bring a thought, concern or prayer request to attention.

Find something that gets you through those tough mental times when you are exhausted. Set up a bible verse of the day that will automatically pop up on your phone, set a new background on your phone every week that makes you smile, something your thankful for or a verse to remember. Set time aside (I know your thinking what extra time does a mom have!?) even just a couple minutes to do a short devotional.

We fall short daily, every single one of us and God understands that. We are human. His mercy is new every morning. His grace is enough and extended to you daily. Grab ahold of him and walk with him through these busy days of motherhood. I know every woman is super woman but don’t feel you have to do everything alone. He is there. He is with you. Seek him every second of every day. You got this mama!

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