We’ve all heard this. Most of us mamas have SCREAMED this. Don’t kiss the babies! For those of you who haven’t heard this, I’m going to explain this..very, very simply and then I am going to scream it again. It breaks my heart seeing so many babies come down with RSV and so many other scary things.

The best defense against the common cold is frequent hand washing. No I don’t mean running water over your hands, using hand sanitizer or using the watered down soap for 5 seconds. I mean washing your hands with soap for AT LEAST 20 seconds. That is equivalent to singing the happy birthday song twice (not at lighting speed people). Scrub your nails in your hands as well. If you cough, wash them again. If you sneeze, wash them again. If you are touching your babies food, wash your hands. It will not hurt you to wash your hands 100 times a day, I promise. Use lotion if you are going to pull the “my hands will dry out” card.

Avoid family gatherings if you have a very young newborn. I get it, its the holidays and you want to be around family and friends. Its hard to miss out on things, but I promise it is better than having a sick baby. If you are not wanting to miss out, check with everyone to see if they are sick before you go. Don’t be afraid to be that mom that pulls out hand sanitizer and tells people to use it before they touch your baby.

On that note. Listen up people. DO NOT TOUCH A BABY THAT IS NOT YOURS WITHOUT ASKING. I am sick of people coming up to other babies in the store and touching them. I would not let a stranger pinch my cheeks in public so DO NOT touch my babies cheeks either! This is serious y’all! If you do not know someone and you just have to go tell them how cute their baby is, that’s fine. Do it without touching the baby. If you are family and you are seeing a baby for the first time, you still need to wash your hands, use sanitizer and ask before you touch. Pat the baby on the back where there are clothes. Touching their hands is not okay either. Lets think here for a second. You sneezed 5 seconds ago and know you are touching the brand new babies hands telling her how cute she is. Now the cute baby just put her hands in her mouth, which, you guessed it (I hope) introduced germs to her. This is how easy it is to spread germs.

Shall we do another one? You are shopping with your baby in the grocery store and 100 other people have used that same basket that day (probably 500 people the day before, and a bird pooped on it while it was outside..gross I know). Now your healthy baby is sitting in the basket shopping with you while you are telling them how good they are being. Well, the next day they start with a runny nose, cough and maybe a fever. You ask yourself, I am not sick? Who was sick? Ding ding ding..the hundreds of people using the basket. Another easy way to spread germs. Use a basket cover every time y’all. You as mama need to be careful as well when you are touching door knobs and grabbing for a paci when your baby starts crying.

Now, don’t get me wrong. introducing germs is normal and helps our children build up immunity to fight off germs in the future. However, we still need to be cautious. It really is common sense, you just have to be mindful of it and really think about the ways germs are spread. Small babies have a difficult time fighting off what would be a small cold to adults. We as their parents need to be their advocate and make sure we are doing our part on keeping them safe and healthy.

If your baby is the age where they are eating, make sure they are eating a wide variety of foods. Meat is high in zinc which is great for the immune system. Spinach is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and beta carotene, which increase the infection fighting ability of our immune system. Obviously you can’t mix up a salad for a one year old, so get creative! I make my son some egg muffins with meat and spinach.

Broccoli has vitamins A, C, and E and other antioxidants. He loves streamed broccoli, so I serve that at least once a day if not twice. If your kiddo doesn’t like broccoli, again get creative and have fun with it. Mix it into other things. Offer it every day until they do like it.

Probiotic yogurt is another good one to keep on hand! Its packed with Vitamin D.

I keep pineapple on hand to make smoothies (with spinach) for my little guy as well. It has an enzyme called bromelain, which has anti-inflammatory properties. I’ve read where it can help coughs as well!

Honey is another thing I also keep on hand. Honey is a powerhouse! It’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties help boost immunity and can act as a natural cough suppressant!

Children under one should NOT have honey.

Some things I always have on hand when my little guy gets stuffy or has a persistent cough is saline spray, nose frida or bulb suction, a humidifier and Zarbee’s cough and Immune support. This stuff is magic yall. There is one for babies under one year (without honey) and there is one for over one year (with dark honey). It has Vitmain C, D, Zinc, Elderberry and Dark honey. This has helped my little guy so much! Another thing I try to do is keep water on hand at all times. I will mix some pedialyte in it and he will suck his water down. Hydration is also key in preventing illnesses!

Make sure you are brushing your kiddos teeth morning and night, washing their hands before meal times and washing their face and hands before bed.

These are just some tips and tricks I love with my little one. Always talk with your Pediatrician before starting anything new with your baby. Be smart when it comes to your baby. You have every right to tell someone no when they ask to hold them, or to tell them to wash their hands. Please don’t kiss babies hands, head, feet, lips or cheeks (that’s not your own). Its just not safe. I know you love them but for a parent it is so stressful. Pass it along and make it known to stop kissing the babies. #dontkissthebabies.