Thank you mom, I get it now.

I find it so comforting knowing nurses week, teacher appreciation week and mothers day all fall within a week of each other.

Being a mother is a role that wears many hats. Not only are you a mom but you are a friend, you are a cheerleader, you are a counselor, you are a nurse, you are a teacher, you are a coach, you are a cleaner, you are a chief, you are a taxi driver, you are a personal assistant, you are a storyteller, you are more than you know to your children.

As a mom you get lots of questions. Not only from your kids but from other people as well.

Do you plan to have a vaginal delivery or c-section? Do you breastfeed or formula feed? Do you buy organic or not organic? Do you make your own baby food or buy it? Do you send your baby to daycare or stay at home? Do you work part time or full time or stay at home? Do you rock your baby to sleep or put him down and let him fall asleep? Do you nurse to sleep? Do you do baths every night? Do you plan on having more kids? When?

Motherhood is full of questions that bring on a lot of pressure. There are so many resources and so many opinions. There are negative thoughts and well intended ones too. There are dirty looks from other moms in the store, screaming kids, snotty noses, long exhausting nights and lots of loving hugs and kisses. Being a mom is the greatest role. No one can take that from you. No one can play your part. You are different and you are unique. You are beautiful in your own way and there is not a single other momma like you in the entire world. You are allowed to do things your own way for your child (as long as your child is safe, protected, happy, healthy and fed). You might have red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, black hair or pink hair, freckles or no freckles, piercings or no piercings, short hair or long hair, clean hair or dirty hair (okay mostly dirty..), stretch marks or no stretch marks, saggy boobs or perky boobs (okay lets be real..). You were made different for a reason and the world would be very boring without you. No matter your occupation, no matter the amount of money you make, you are appreciated. You are doing a wonderful job. I promise you, no man could do what you do. My husband tells me daily “I don’t know how you do it but I couldn’t do it without you.”

Motherhood is something many people look forward too. It is something, as little girls, we would play “House” and all want to be the mom. However, when you are young you argue, you talk back, you disrespect your mom. You slam doors, call names, raise your voice and the very next minute you are hugging and thanking her for being there for you. You don’t stop to say thank you for the many times she brings your math book to school for you that you left at home for the 15th time. You don’t stop to say thank you for making your lunch and cooking dinner every single night. You don’t stop to say thank you for the clothes she provides (buys, washes, folds) for you. You don’t stop to say thank you for never missing a single basketball game. You don’t stop to say thank you for never getting a goodnight sleep and staying up until you are home from being out past your curfew (and not telling dad). You see, as a child, you don’t think to say thank you to your mother. You don’t see the behind the scenes, the sleepless nights, the long heartfelt prayers, the tears shed. You don’t see the big picture, also referred to as the world she is preparing you to live in. This world is big, cold and full of negativity. Your mom sees that when you cannot. She knows what is out there and she wants to not only prepare you but protect you. She does these things without effort and ever so perfectly. She does these things with patience and grace. She does these things out of love for her child. She does these things never wanting or expecting a thank you. She doesn’t need a thank you because seeing you safe, happy and healthy is all she ever wants. She doesn’t need a thank you, but she deserves one.

Being a mom is tough, but being a mom is the best gift that has ever been given to me.  

All I want to say to my momma now is thank you mom, I get it now.

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