Just one more time

A precious gift, it is, when a woman becomes a mother to a beautiful baby. One piece of advice given to every mother is “cherish the moments, they grow up too fast.” How is this possible when the days turn into nights and exhaustion sets in? It feels like they will be babies forever. Don’t you feel like your mind is running 24/7? Like there is always something that must get done. There is always something that needs to be cleaned, needs to be washed, needs to be picked up, needs to be cooked. You have warmed your coffee up for the third time this morning. There are needs that need to be met. Stop. Look around you. Do you see that mess? That same toy you have picked up from the floor about 50 times today? Those same bottles you have washed over and over again. Those hands that are dry and cracked from washing those bottles over and over again. Those clothes that are still on the couch that need to be put away. Those clothes in the dryer that need to be turned back on once again so you can fold them. Those clothes in the washer that need to be moved over. That chicken that you forgot to thaw out so now you have to think of something else for dinner. That messy room that continues to pile up. That errand you still have to make time for. Stop, be still. That mess, those messes, those chores, won’t be there forever. One day your coffee will remain hot. That third pair of tiny clothes you just took off because he peed on them again won’t be so tiny anymore. That shirt you are wearing (three days old, its okay I’ve done it too) that smells like spit up won’t smell like that one day. Your hair that MUST be pulled back because if not you would be bald from him pulling on it, will once be let down again. That living room floor will be spotless and you will wish you had toys laying everywhere again. You will wish you could run to him when he wakes up crying, hurdle over the car seat and play mat and step on three different books (books, not legos) just to get to him and hold him in your arms once more. You will wish he ran to you and told you every little detail about his day. You will wish you put your phone down more often and picked him up more. You will wish you could hear him say your sweet name “ma-ma, ma-ma” over and over again. You will wish you didn’t worry about the dishes getting done because one day there wont be as many to do. Cherish these moments. Cherish these messes. Embrace the tough times, the sleepless nights, the heartaches, the hair pulls. Hold him and let him sleep on your shoulder just one more minute. Let him drag that toy out just one more time. Let him rub green peas on his high chair while he laughs and smiles at you. Let the dog lick his hands and listen to his laughter. Welcome the slobber; from the dog and the kid! Sing to him and watch him smile, read him that same book that you have read him every night for the past two months and watch his face light up with excitement yet again. Stare at him when he falls asleep in your arms because time is a thief. Time will steal away these moments. Time will turn into the next phase in life. Every stage, every moment cling to it. They are only so little for so long. I know it is hard, I know it is tough, I know it is exhausting, but you are doing an amazing job at being their mother. No one else can play the role that you play and they realize that. That’s why they cling and call out for “mama” when in need. That’s why you run to them no matter what. Enjoy him. Love him. Tell him every single day. The moments don’t last forever and the days turn into weeks and the weeks into years. Time passes so very quickly. The mess won’t be remembered. The precious memories you make will remain. The fun, the joy, the laughter, the love will remain. Make time to hold your babies a little longer today, for today will be tomorrow so soon.