Grab the milk and head to Target

First rule of the exclusive pumper: ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS bring extra milk with you!! If your baby doesn’t nurse then you can’t just expect him to hop on the boob and drink away. Believe me, I’ve tried this over and over and after 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding ill ask him, “Hey! You want to breastfeed?” and he looks at me like “where’s the bottle mom..”

I ran into this issue one day and I will never leave the house without milk ever again! Yes, even if I am running to the store for five minutes!

I thought it would be fun to take my 8 week old at the time, to target because this momma needed to get out of the house and what better place to go right? So I begin to pack all 500 bags and leave the house after two hours. Side note – I don’t think I have ever been on time to anything since having a baby. Leaving the house is a mental game that takes like five hours to accomplish and two hours to mentally prepare for actually leaving. Especially at that age, you start to plan in your head; “I just fed him and just pumped so I have a good two hours at least, but what if he poops 12 times? I better bring 12 outfits and 10 burp clothes and 8 different toys, a sweater in case it drops to negative 24 and a swimsuit in case its 104.” Y’all think I’m kidding. Oh but I forgot the milk?

So, my husband was at work mind you, so I packed up my little bundle of joy and drove a good two minutes to target (nothing can go wrong when you’re this close to home right?) Wrong. I went into target and strolled around awhile while my son slept so great. He then began to wake a little so I thought okay it’s getting close to feeding time so we can go, I mean we are two minutes from home right? I mosey out to my car, pack up my son and my car wont start. I try it again and once more. Okay, I tried it like ten times thinking maybe the next one. Thankfully my son was still calm, at this point. I call my husband, he doesn’t answer. I call my dad, he doesn’t answer. Time is ticking on the next feeding time people!! Answer your phones!! Meanwhile, I am back strolling in target trying to stay calm with a newborn and no milk!! I call my mom (she’s working) just to tell her what’s going on. I call my brother just to tell him and of course he offers to leave work (45 min away) and come get me, he’s the sweetest. BUT then my husband finally calls back and I tell him what is going on. Thankfully he was close in the area and came to my rescue, jumped off my car and I made it home in time for his feeding. Okay we went to Chick-fil-a first with a few minutes to spare. So, moral of the story, now I always have extra freshly pumped milk with me in case we ever get into a situation like this again. Freshly pumped milk is good at room temperature for 4-6 hours. I usually don’t go past 4 hours before I give it to him or put it in the fridge. His diaper bag has a couple cooler pockets so it helps. I also bring a small lunch box with two freezer packs. This way if we are gone all day I can put the milk into the lunch box if needed. There, the milk is good for 24 hours. Long story short, grab some milk and head out to Target!!