New is fleeting.

These eyes look to me for love and guidance. We as mothers must build our children up. From day one I have told my son how handsome he is, how strong he is and how loved he is. I pray with him and over him. I pray for his future and I pray for his heart. To know God and to have a relationship with Him. To know Christ’s love and to seek Him daily. I pray for his future wife and her heart. I pray for him to give generously and to be content. To not strive after what others have or to envy what another one has. To trust the Lord and be a faithful servant.

For moms this is a very hard thing to be aware of. New hair color, new nail color, new clothes, new shoes, new accessories, new phone, new purse, new car, new diet, new workout, new is something people crave. New is something people will do anything to have. New is something that gets old and something else new comes along. New is fleeting. You see something that someone else has and you tell yourself you need it. You tell yourself you need the new car or the expensive purse or the new cute pair of shoes in every color. You tell yourself you must go on a vacation to take those pictures and make people think your life is fabulous. Lets be real, if I am on vacation I am in no make up rocking the new mom bod with “beach waves” also known as sweaty ocean hair and I am not going to post 500 pictures because I want that time to relax and not think about anything!!

We as woman struggle daily whether you know it or not. Whether you think you are comparing yourself or not. You notice other woman and the things they have and you want them. You notice other moms and wonder how they have it all together and wonder why you don’t. No one has it together, people just feel like they have to put on a show for others to make it seem like they do. People are walking through all stages of life and everyone has their own path that has been crafted by the hands of God. He has given each of us a role in this life. He has given each of us unique gifts to accomplish goals for his kingdom. No task, no goal and no gift is to small or to big. You may be put on this earth to bring a single smile to a single person or you may be put on this earth to bring one million smiles to one million people. Guess what? Both of those people are the exact same in God’s eyes. You are not less than the person who brought one million smiles. We must be able to see through the sadness of the world and find the strength in the role God has given us. We must trust the Lord in the strength he has given each of us and have faith in his plan for our life. Know that you are made different than your neighbor but you are loved the exact same and are no less in Gods eyes. Whether you are wearing a shirt that cost one dollar or a shirt that cost one thousand, you are loved and you are needed.

I pray as woman we would build each other up. We would learn to love and not be jealous of what the other has. We would learn to lift each other up and encourage one another. We should be pushing each other to reach goals and cheering each other on when those goals are met. We should be listening to each other more and talking over each other less. We should be loving each other and giving freely. Don’t be jealous of the girl you see on Instagram with thousands of followers because you think she has it all. Show your one hundreds followers you are the happiest person in your own skin. You can only be the best you and no one else could ever take on the role of being you, how cool?!

“Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.”-Ecc 4:6 Let us not want what others have but trust the Lord with the blessings He has given us. The wealthiest person in the world is not the richest. It’s the person who is most content with what they have. Move from stingy to being generous. Not just with your money but with your time, energy and attitude. God wants us to be more like him. God gave everything. “God so loved the world that he GAVE..”
I have never been one to want the nice, expensive clothes. I get along just fine in an old pair of blue jeans or one of my husbands tshirts. Do I consider myself the “richest” person how the world considers “richest?” No I do not.
But I DO consider myself the richest person in what God has trusted me with and the blessings he has given me. A relationship with Him, my husband, my son, our health, my family, the clothes I am wearing and the food in my belly and the warm bed that awaits me. That is just a few. Strive to have a grateful heart and to seek Jesus and the positives daily. Do not yearn for what others have but yearn for Christ and what HE has in store for you daily.