Pumpers gotta pump – anytime, anywhere.

If you are an exclusive pumper let me just say, you need a pumping bag! Yes, now you have a purse, a baby, a diaper bag and a pumping bag to carry, what is one more thing right? After all we are moms and we can do anything…(but sleep).

Here is a list of what I keep in my bag.

1. A pumping bag (yes, like a diaper bag.)

This is the one I got from Target except I got it in grey, I can’t seem to find the color I got anywhere, but the blush is pretty cute! https://www.target.com/p/large-dome-backpack-universal-thread-153-blush/-/A-53374553

2. My pump and the power cord (in case you are around an outlet.)

This is the pump I have! You can get your pump through insurance guys!! Saves TONS of money!!



Okay this is seriously a must have. Like no way can you survive exclusively pumping without this bad boy!! Here is what I have and I’ll include some different links at places you can find this!





Funny story, I got mine at Buy Buy Baby one day when we were heading to my sons appointment to fix his lip/tongue tie. He was about three weeks old and the trip was over two hours for us. So as you know, you feed A LOT during those first few weeks. So I was needing to pump a lot! Well I pumped before we left the house and we made it over there early to find a store to get a car adaptor. Well, of course there was NO store around us that had them other than going about 30 minutes out of the way!! So I had to wait through the appointment and I was DYING, my boobs were like come on lady we need some help!! So we looked up the closest store and thank goodness Buy Buy Baby was close (in the direction we were going) and we ran into grab the car adaptor and I went to the car to pump. Oh what a glorious feeling of relief!! Shout out to Buy Buy Baby!! You can also pump while you are driving to or from work!

4. A few pumping bottles

However many you will need for the length of time you will be out, you can always clean them.

I have these!



Oh man, you have to have these because you cant close up your milk when you are done if you don’t! I keep extra in my pump bag just in case!

See previous link! 🙂

6. Manual pump

Just in case, for whatever reason your electric pump goes out – your boobs won’t explode on you.

I have this one!


7. A plastic cup

This is to put warm water in and warm bottles of BM if needed.

8. A wash cloth/burp cloth

This is to clean up milk drops in the car. Because I promise you you will spill milk!! I always drip milk when I take my pump stuff off, so if you place the cloth under you it helps to not make a big mess!

9. Milk bags

This is so you can transfer your milk into the bags and use your pump bottles again.

I use Medela and Lansinoh the most!


They are cheaper on amazon and target.com. Target in store price matching there target.com so always check!! 🙂 I usually always get $5.00 off this way!




10. Breastfeeding cover

This works for a pumping cover as well! Or you can tie a swaddle blanket and throw that around you!

So here is my tip! I have one of those multi-use car seat/breastfeeding cover things that I use to use as a pumping cover but it gets SO hot!! Especially in this Texas heat! So what I like to do is tie a large swaddle blanket together and make a neck hole and this acts as a much lighter cover!

11. Hands free pumping bra

Because it just makes life so much easier!

I have this one in nude and black that I got from target!


12. Coconut oil or lanolin cream


13. SNACKS!!

Oh man you get so hungry when breastfeeding!! I keep all the goods in the bag!

14. Sanitizing bags are always good to have


15. All your pump parts:

Your correct size flange, pump valves, membranes

16. An insulated lunch box with at least 2 or 3 ice packs.

This will keep your milk good while you are on the road.

17.Extra everything

Honestly because you always forget something!! 🙂