Pregnancy: aka hungry 24/7

So, as I said in my previous blog, we found out we were pregnant January 4th 2018. As we were beyond thrilled I remember laying in bed that night with my husband wondering what this future will look like from now on. This is something we had planned on and prayed for but the unknown is always a little scary! A few weeks went on and we went to our first appointment and the Dr. confirmed we were pregnant so we began to think of ways to tell our parents and close friends. After we told them, a few more weeks went by and we had a scare. I was committed to continue working out throughout my pregnancy because I wanted this precious baby to be healthy. I even stopped drinking coffee all together! Not sure how I managed that one, but don’t worry guys we are back in action with a pot on 24/7 here in this house!

Bring on the coffee

Anyway, I still remember the day when I was working out at the gym with my husband and I went to use the restroom and noticed I was bleeding. I immediately thought the worse and ran to my husband with tears streaming down my face. We quickly went to the car and sat there for what felt like hours in that parking lot. I was numb at the thought of losing this precious baby. My husband grabbed my hand and began to pray over our little family and looked at me and said “I’m telling you now that everything is okay and there is no need to worry. God is good and He’s got this no matter what happens.” I called my Dr. and she had us come in to get checked out. We had to wait an entire day to get in and see what was going on. When we arrived the next day, she did a sonogram and we indeed saw our little baby’s heart beating so strong and what sounded so loud in the present silence. Our hearts were so grateful to know our little one was okay.

Pregnancy alone is absolutely beautiful. That moment you find out after trying for so long or maybe not trying long at all, that moment is unlike any other. All emotions come into play here. Excitement, wonder, anxiety, happiness, fear that you have no idea how to be a parent! Don’t worry, everyone tells you your motherly instinct will kick in! Then again, that doesn’t happen until after you have the baby, so freak outs for 9 months are totally normal! Dads are usually on their own here. I remember teaching my husband how to change a diaper on a teddy bear. For some reason he said that was way easier then his first one on the actual baby, who knew.

Back to the belly, oh the belly, you wait and wait to get that pooch. We’ve all done it, taken a picture at 5 days pregnant and said “OH MAN I look huge!!” Well, you rock those pictures because let me tell you those 9 months go way to fast and you will miss that belly! And then when you take a picture you can’t blame it on the baby belly anymore, food baby maybe? I don’t judge, I still get up in the middle of the night to eat. We can use the excuse, “oh its still my uterus.”

But, come on, you know you miss your belly!! Those sweet kicks, hiccups, okay yes, the heartburn, insomnia, peeing every 5 minutes comes with it too. Nine months is a long time to grow and bond with that precious baby. You modify your diet, continue to work, take gigantic horse pills – also called a prenatal, you would do anything for this baby, and then the day comes and they usually come out looking like dad. Well, i’m glad my husband is a handsome guy!!

Pregnancy takes a toll on your body and every woman’s body responds to it differently. However, God created your body to take this on and what a joy it was to experience. I am so grateful God allowed me to have a baby and carry to term, I know some ladies this is not the case. I have many friends and family members who have lost their little one and I can not put into words the heartache you must feel. I pray God comforts you and surrounds you with love and peace.

I know a lot of women struggle with the way they look during pregnancy and even after having the baby. You may not always feel so beautiful, but I promise you, you are. You are stunning, you are glowing (okay, maybe in the 2nd and 3rd trimester – nauseous in the first.) But really, no matter if you gain 5 pounds or 150 pounds, if you gain one stretch mark or one million, how low your boobs go or how much hair you lose in postpartum, God crafts together this beautiful baby inside the mother’s womb. Your body gives life to a warmhearted human that is growing inside of you and that my friend is enough to love every new mommy battle scar. I hope you learn to love yourself, you are not alone in this. Know that every mom out there goes through some sort of change even if they don’t show it. You are worthy! You are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be grateful God allowed you to take on the amazing role of parenthood and experience the abundance of love and joy this new baby will bring.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy: aka hungry 24/7

  1. Lyncon, this was beautiful and so very true. I will be eternally grateful that God so graciously allowed me to be a Mom to our three boys. Motherhood is the greatest adventure!!! Enjoy the ride. It is so very worth it. ❤️❤️

    You have a beautiful family!!!❤️


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