My Story.

This is a speedy version of our story; we would be here all day if I included everything!

My husband and I are high school sweethearts (I know cue the tears). We met when we were in the 8th grade and became best friends. We started dating shortly after in 2009. We went to rival schools and with each of us playing sports in high school it was always fun to compete. I mean, we all know my school was the better of the two. He was a year older than me so he graduated a year ahead of me. Everyone told us that would be the end but we thought otherwise. He went on to play college football and he drove back three hours every weekend to see me. I wanted to go to nursing school at SFA so he transferred there to be with me. Little did I know I would miss my family to much to be three hours away from them. So, I chose to go to TWU nursing school and he transferred again to be close to me. Do I have a good man or what? I started nursing school and the stress was high, i’m not sure how he put up with me during this time!! One thing that got me through all that stress was our precious Cali girl. You know, every couple has got to get a dog together, it’s like a thing. We went shelter to shelter and rescued the most precious little chocolate lab mix.

Anyway, long story short he proposed to me on Christmas Eve, two weeks after I graduated from nursing school (my dads rule – you want to marry her, you pay for her!) So, he waited until I was done with school (smart guy- school is expensive). We got married exactly 6 months later on the half way day to Christmas. Side note – you will learn I love Christmas – and I just couldn’t wait any longer to marry my best friend!!

So, moving on down the line, we got married, soaked up some sun on a beautiful honeymoon and two short months of bliss later he “moves” to Austin to train for 6 months to become a State Trooper. He drove three hours home every Friday night and we spent the whole day Saturday together and he drove back Sunday morning to start the next week. He was not allowed to use his phone at all during this time. Tears would fill my eyes as I would watch my husband leave week after week, 24 weeks to be exact. But boy how my heart would race when I heard that pickup truck drive up on a Friday night!

Six months is a long time without your newly married hubby!!

So, Fast forward down the line and he graduates from the academy and we move to the town he was placed in, which was a blessing in itself. He really does have the best office!! So now it’s been a year of marriage and we begin to start thinking about having kids. I found out I was pregnant on January 4th 2018. I took a test when I came home from work around 8pm. My husband was getting off work around 11pm so I had to hurry and get stuff together to tell him he was going to be a daddy!! I have pictures and a video below so you can see this beautiful moment!

For real, cue the tears this time, gets me every single time.

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